These organizations help new immigrants to settle in Canada easily.
These organizations help newcomers make a smooth transition in Canada. They provide services regarding employment, education, housing, health, social life and other related information and resources to settle in Canada.

Settlement organizations provide services in different languages. However, not all the organizations may provide this feature. Check with your local settlement organization to find out which organization offers services in your language. Services provided by these organizations are often free of cost. They can also be found in many libraries across GTA, career centres in various colleges and universities and at the YMCA near you.

Settlement organizations can help newcomers in the following ways:

1) Provide information and assist in finding the right job for newcomers.
2) Provide information about obtaining necessary documents such as Social Insurance Number, Health card, preparing a résumé and cover letter.
3) Assist newcomers in finding affordable housing and connect with different communities.
4) Provide additional related resources for settling in Canada.

There is a vast number of organizations providing services to newcomers in Ontario and across Canada. Chances are that there is at least one organization serving your area. Big cities may have more than one organization serving newcomers. Click here for a complete list of key organizations across Ontario. Click here for a list of organizations in the Peel region. Two organizations are highlighted below.

Your first days in a new country can be overwhelming, but the Peel region’s Newcomer Information Centres (Centre for Education & Training) are here to support you: they have friendly, multilingual staff who provide up to date information and can refer you to various programs and services in Peel Region. The centres offer extended hours of service and appointments are not necessary. They also have libraries and computer labs that are available for your use.

Find the location nearest you and don’t be afraid to drop by!