A fun twist on the balaclava,
a form of winter headgear
that protects most of
the face.
Canada experiences winter from December to mid-March or later. To keep yourself warm in the coldest of winter days when you hear of sub-zero temperatures and associated wind chill factors on the news, here is a list of things you should consider wearing during the winter months:

Winter jacket
Hat (toque, trapper hat)
Insulated winter boots
Gloves or Mittens

If you are going skiing or engaging in other winter activities, consider investing in a pair of snowpants or ski pants.

Sweater (turtleneck, v-neck, crewneck, cardigan)
Sweatshirt (hooded or “hoodie”, crewneck)
Long-sleeved knitted shirts
Leg warmers
Thermal underwear
Socks (wool, cotton, athletic socks)

By September or October, you can expect to find winter outerwear in retail stores while items worn under outerwear are typically found all year round. Check out the links under "Want to know more?" for retailers that sell winter gear.

Because the air is drier during the
winter, regularly apply lipbalm with SPF
on your lips to prevent chapping
and sunburn.
Don't think that applying sunscreen only happens in the summer! Many people tend to forget that the sun is closer to the earth during the winter months, which presents greater exposure to UV rays. To protect yourself from the sun's UV rays all year round, remember to apply sunscreen on exposed skin and lipbalm with SPF on your lips.