Refer to a review before heading out
to that restaurant!
One of the best ways to sample a culture is to try out its cuisine. The Greater Toronto Area is home to many cultures with several times as many restaurants! With hundreds of restaurants catering to many curious tastes, it is no wonder that it would be difficult to choose a restaurant to enjoy a culture's cuisine. How do you find the best authentic restaurant for the best value or dining experience?

Restaurant reviews can help you make an informed decision before you go out to spend your money and time for what you hope would be a dining experience worth repeating. A typical restaurant review mentions the following elements of a dining experience: décor, atmosphere, cleanliness, state of the restrooms, patrons who dine at the restaurant, service provided by the restaurant staff, a sample menu of the cuisine offered, plating, presentation, and estimated cost of a meal per person. You should also keep these elements in mind when you're out dining to prepare your own restaurant recommendation to your friends. The listing of websites below has restaurant reviews – some by ordinary Greater Torontonians and some by actual food critics:

BlogTO boasts several hundreds of restaurant reviews which are written by Torontonians, for Torontonians and visitors to Toronto. Photos accompany the reviews.

Published monthly, restaurant reviews are also available online. Features worth checking out: Best Cheap Eats and Top Ten Restaurants 2009.

In addition to restaurant reviews and listings, this website offers a listing of upcoming Foodie events such as The Gourmet Food and Wine Expo.