Swimming is very beneficial
to your health!
Swimming is a form of movement in the water. Swimming can be practiced as a form of exercise, recreation, and as a competitive sport. It is also a form of bathing and a way to cool down during the summer.

Swimming, when practiced as an exercise, is beneficial to your health because it:
  • tones the body
  • provides a cardiovascular workout and strengthens the heart muscle
  • improves oxygen delivery to muscles
It is no wonder that swimming is enjoyed by people of all ages!

What you will need before you swim:
  • swimsuit (trunks or bathing suit)
  • bathing cap to protect your hair (optional)
  • if you want to see underwater clearly, invest in a pair of goggles. Prescription goggles are available.
  • Before entering a pool, be sure to wash yourself with warm, soapy water to prevent the spread of germs in the swimming pool.

Your municipality’s Parks and Recreation Unit offers
  • swimming lessons for infants and their parents, youth, and adults
  • aquatic leadership classes, leading to swim instructor and lifeguard certification
  • as well as public, women’s only, youth, and family swimming hours at community pools. Check your Parks and Recreation guide for pool locations and admission fees, if applicable.