Tobogganing is a winter sport. It involves players starting from a higher point on a snow covered hill or slope and descending towards the lower ground while riding on a wooden or metal sled. Unlike many other sports such as curling and cricket which require a team to play, tobboganing can be enjoyed without the need of a team. All you need is your gear, yourself and some snow.

Children tobogganing
Tobogganing is similar to snowboarding in a way that riders slide down the hill on snow but this sport has significantly declined since skiing started gaining popularity. Today, tobogganing is mostly used for recreational purposes. All you need is layers of winter clothing, a sled and a snow hill. The sleds vary from the wooden sleds to modern inflatable ones with different shapes. You can simply enjoy sliding down the hill alone or with friends if you have a bigger sled. If you want a little more fun, build a snow ramp at the bottom of the hill and then ride over the ramp to sail through the air. There are no formal rules in this sport for recreational purposes; you can make up your own set of rules and enjoy the sport your way.

As with snowboarding or any other sport, there are things you should remember in order to toboggan safely. Always make sure that your designated hill is smooth and clear of rocks, large chunks of ice, and doesn't have large snowbanks right at the bottom which you might crash into. Never toboggan on a hill that is dotted with trees, as toboggans are much harder to maneuver than skis or snowboards. Never try to build a ramp that will make your toboggan jump too high or too far; it cannot be controlled in the air and severe injuries can result if the toboggan lands the wrong way. If tobogganing on a hill with other people, try to position yourself so that no other sledders are directly in front of you, as you may crash into them from behind if you move faster than they do.

If you are just beginning to enjoy this sport or if you want to try it for the first time, the best place would be at a small recreational snow hill. The city of Brampton operates the Mount Chinguacousy hill during the winter where you can go and enjoy tobogganing. Check you city’s official website for places where you can enjoy this sport in your area.

- Toboggans can reach speeds of over 62 kilometres per hour.

- Tobogganing as a sport originated on the slopes of Mount Royal in Montreal.

- In the northern side of North America a toboggan is a simple sled that is a traditional form of transport used in northern Canada.