A basketball court
The athletics department at your school manages sporting events, fitness programs and other recreational activities. If you are a sports enthusiast, have been playing sports in high school or just want to get involved, do not forget to make it to the tryouts. Tryouts for various teams take place during the first few weeks of September. The athletics department at your institution can provide you information on various exercise sessions available to students such as yoga, pilates, cardio and much more. You can also book playing courts, such as the tennis court or squash court, if you want to have a game with your friends or classmates. Every athletic department has a gym where students and staff can go to work out. Most importantly, you do not have to pay anything extra to use almost all of these facilities and services as they are most likely to be included in your tuition.

Almost all the institutions, big or small, contain at least one bookstore. This is the place where you can go and purchase your books, new or used. You may also be able to purchase t-shirts, sweaters, school bags, computers, transit tickets, transit passes, and more. You might find another store across the street outside your institution selling used and new books for lower prices than your campus bookstore. Do some searching and you could save a lot of money!

The career centre or employment centre is one of the most important places for students to visit and utilize. Many students are surprised to learn that this is the place where you can get help with your résumé, cover letter, portfolio, thank you letters, mock interviews, career advising, resignation letters, or getting more information about useful job related websites. You can also find on-campus and off-campus job listings here. Don’t forget to pay a visit to the career centre at your institution. It will be worth your time!

The health centre is your walk-in clinic on campus. If you are sick, injured or need any other medical attention, this is the place to be. Health centres at colleges and universities have qualified nurses and doctors to take care of students. You can also receive information on things such as birth control, immunization, or how to maintain good health.

The name says it all. If you are an international student, this is the place to go regarding your work visa, renewing your study permit, how can you work off-campus, obtaining a Social Insurance Card, health care eligibility and lots more.

Every university and college has a student government that provides essential services to the students such as health and dental insurance plans, bursaries, employment, used book markets and ways to become involved in your student government. The student government also hosts various events such as frosh week for the students. Make sure to check out the student government office at your institution for more information.

This office is here to help students manage their finances to support their post-secondary goals. This is the office that will release your OSAP loan and provide information on upcoming bursaries and scholarships. You can also talk to your financial aid officer regarding any education financial matters.